I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen an explosive growth in the use of mobile devices in everything we do. It should come as no surprise then that car shoppers are no different. From research and information gathering, to communication and purchasing, mobile devices are an important resource for more and more car shoppers. 

Already, nearly half of all auto searches come from a mobile device. Subsequently, auto dealers need to do two things: recognize the significance of this trend, and leverage it to provide better service and support to their customers.

The next now generation

It isn’t just teenagers and twenty-somethings making widespread use of mobile technology during the car shopping process. A 2012 Nielsen study for Cars.com found that—among the 1,500 mobile device users who “reported using automotive applications and/or mobile websites” when shopping for a vehicle—mobile car shopping is expanding across generational and financial demographic boundaries. And by 2025, approximately 75% of all vehicles will be purchased by Millennials.

Not only are more car shoppers using mobile devices as a source of information in their car purchasing decisions, they are also using more of them both in and out of the dealership. Mobile car shoppers own a tablet as well as a smartphone, and using tablets to look up vehicle information and make comparisons is on the rise.

In other words, the mobile car shopping phenomenon isn’t going anywhere.

Making the connection

One of the most valuable ways that dealers can boost their support for mobile car shopping is by providing more content and improved functionality across all mobile platforms.

Studies have shown that device use at the dealership is increasing (40% of mobile car shoppers already use their device while on the lot), but there has been very little strategic thinking in terms of how to capitalize on that information.

It’s about much more than simply optimizing your website for mobile devices. Dealers should not only be thinking about how to accommodate mobile car shopping, but how to facilitate mobile car shopping.

Mobile is motoring

Whether it is checking in, filling out forms, or scanning bar codes on a display vehicle to get more specific information about performance, features, makes and models, the opportunities for enhancing the mobile car shopping experience are virtually unlimited.

Mobile devices are here to stay, and it’s up to progressive, proactive and forward-thinking dealers to get ahead of the mobile car shopping curve.

Infographic credit: DealerRefresh.com