Auctioneering is an art.

Auctioneers all feature their own unique style and rhythm in their craft. They add in filler words, questions and phrases during the auction chant—ranging from simple phrases to quick jokes to observations about the vehicle or auction block—to keep the audience excited and engaged, and to keep their own rapid pace.

Supplementing the auctioneer is the ringman, who watches all the action in the lane and serves as an extra pair of eyes for the caller. They use hand gestures, body movement and voice to create energy and excitement during the auctioneer’s chants, and to ensure all bidders are seen.

Last Friday, these extraordinary talents were on full display during the 2018 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship (WAAC), held at ADESA Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The annual event brings together the finest auto auctioneers, ringmen and auction teams to compete for coveted “World Champion” titles and prize money.

The day began with a bagpiper leading more than 100 contestants—hailing from the United States, Canada and even South Africa—into the arena.

Doug Shore, the Central region’s vice president for ADESA, then took the stage to welcome the competitors, judges, buyers and observers, and to share details of the sale.

Competition started in four lanes, with a contestant or team working in real time to sell three vehicles while three judges—all past WAAC champions—observed and evaluated the performance. Then, a new competitor would take over for three more cars.

When the preliminary rounds wrapped up, scores were revealed to narrow the fields for the finals: 15 auctioneers, eight ringmen and eight teams.

After an exciting championship round, the 2018 WAAC winners were:

2018 WAAC Champion Auctioneer: Casey Enlow

2018 WAAC Champion Ringman: Chris Elliott

2018 WAAC Team Champions: Bradley O’Leary and Casey Enlow

Congratulations to all the auctioneering contestants on a great competition. For a taste of the action from the event, watch our Facebook Live video below: