It’s hard to believe that two months have passed since I began my new role of ADESA president and CEO. It has been a busy – and rewarding – time for all of us.

I have truly enjoyed learning more in-depth how each department functions and how all the different teams interact to support our business. This experience has reinforced to me that ADESA is full of exceptional individuals, and our people truly are our advantage.

The passion of our people, combined with our business advantage of technology, will equal success through the year for our employees, our customers and our shareholders. We’re enthusiastic about the position ADESA is in to leverage our technology and online capabilities with full integration with the OPENLANE platform in both the U.S. and Canada.

We’re also dedicated to increasing our competitive offers for our customers: listing more cars online, attracting more online buyers and developing mobile apps to provide access to and from anywhere. The weather-related issues many of our auctions recently faced have further demonstrated the importance of online sales to provide better access.

And yet, despite some of the most difficult weather conditions in years, our auction location teams have managed to drive through a challenging winter to keep sale day open and deliver for our customers. I have been impressed with their perseverance and creative solutions—from LiveBlock-only sales to postcard sales. I sincerely want to thank everyone for their extra efforts.

Our customers have made it clear they want choices, and we are even more committed to providing them with the tools to be successful in this online marketplace. We are continuing to invest in technology and will also continue to expand our physical auction footprint. I look forward to positive outcomes later this year of some current projects in development such as vehicle representation, AutoGrade and our LiveBlock mobile app.

I also look forward to meeting even more members of our team and sharing more of our progress with you.