It’s been an exciting few weeks here at ADESA. I wanted to share with you some changes on my team. First, let’s talk about sales. Our customers asked us to give them a single point of contact— and we did. We formed one commercial sales team. Jason Ferreri, who has spent time both at OPENLANE and in ADESA’s e-Business group, will lead all of our sales efforts. Now, we’ll have one team that calls on all of our national accounts.

Then, we did the same in marketing under the direction of Carol Sewell. Now, we are able to deliver one message to our customers. Her team will keep you posted as we continue to integrate our ADESA and OPENLANE products and services.

We also recruited a seasoned pro to head up our inside sales department and customer relationship management process. Jeff Bescher will do a great job at working closely with Tom Kontos and our analytical services team, our field operations and OPENLANE to tie all of these efforts together.

ADESA and OPENLANE serve the same customer base, so joining our efforts just made sense. We’re really in synch with OPENLANE and working together under one leadership. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, Jason, Carol or Jeff. We’d love to hear from you.


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