Just 14 months after announcing the acquisition of OPENLANE, we are already launching a new website built on OPENLANE’s industry-leading technology. The website—next.ADESA.com—will replace the post-login pages of OPENLANE.com.

So, after dealers log in to OPENLANE.com, they will now find a new user experience—next.ADESA.com—and will buy and sell cars on this new platform.

When we acquired OPENLANE, a group of talented people with technical expertise joined our already strong team at ADESA. They all have invested a lot of time and hard work to make this new website happen. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for working together—sharing ideas and developing remarketing solutions for our customers.

With next.ADESA.com, dealers now have all inventory channels available in one place—run lists, LiveBlock and DealerBlock—both in lane and online.

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The new home page of next.ADESA.com.

That’s right: DealerBlock is back and better, thanks to OPENLANE technology. The return of DealerBlock is the only change users will see on ADESA.com. And we’ll operate business as usual for the next few months.

So, what’s next? We will continue to add LiveBlock inventory with condition reports to next.ADESA.com. This will happen in a staged approach, one auction at a time. Then, in early 2013, next.ADESA.com will transition to ADESA.com—and we’ll be fully integrated into a single website.

Customers will need a current ADESA.com or OPENLANE.com account to utilize next.ADESA.com. For more information or to register for an account, call ADESA Customer Connection at 888-526-7326 or email customerconnection@adesa.com.

Not a registered dealer but interested in learning more about next.ADESA.com? Visit adesa.com/whatsnext.