Not even a broken finger during warm-ups could stop me from enjoying this amazing afternoon with customers, colleagues, employees and friends.

I had several people approach me that day, in complete and utter awe. Before they arrived, they thought it sounded fun. But once they stepped foot on the field, they were overwhelmed by the beauty of it all…of what a landmark the stadium truly is. They were simply amazed by the opportunity: to play on the famous field, to tour the press box, see the locker room. I’ve lived in Chicago for many years, and no other spot evokes such a strong reaction from people.

While there was much camaraderie that day, we are also a competitive bunch. And boy, did we have some phenomenal ball players. I had no idea we had that level of athleticism among our group of 120 attendees. Six teams quickly dwindled to two, and then it was time for the playoffs. The competitiveness was awesome. And Steve Solomon of Chrysler really hit it out of the park—he hit four out of the park, actually—to take home the home run derby trophy.

You just can’t beat the ball park feel. And honestly, I think the hot dogs taste better at a ball park. The beer is colder. And the sun shines just a little bit brighter. To quote the late great Harry Caray… holy cow! It is an experience I will always treasure.

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