As technology advances and the world’s population continues to grow, global warming is an issue with an impact that extends beyond the environment. One consequence we’re encountering in the auto remarketing world is the effect of urban flooding and car damage–and what that means for our customers.

In order to stay informed on relative safety matters affecting the industry, we consult a variety of experts to learn all that we can from a global and environmental perspective. Nicholas K. Coch, Ph.D., C.P.G. is an expert on Northern hurricanes and a valuable source to the industry in exploring how these natural disasters can affect vehicles on the road today.

Using Hurricane Sandy as a backdrop, we received this detailed and thorough review on car damage due to flooding from Dr. Coch, A New Perspective on the Nature of Flooding in the Northeast, which explores the occurrence from all angles. This information on the components of flooding damage, how it occurs and what actions can be taken to mitigate and prevent auto losses is a valuable educational piece for dealers and anyone in the auto industry.

A New Perspective on the Nature of Flooding in the Northeast