Hardly a week goes by where we don’t hear from a car dealer asking, “How do I become an ADESA customer?”

ADESA auctions are for licensed and registered car and specialty dealers only, with only select locations available to the public. Therefore, each dealer has to be licensed by his/her state and registered before receiving a bid badge at the auction or bidding online. By registering to become an ADESA customer, dealers also have access to several digital services offered through our premier online auto auction.

To help new dealers glide through the process, here are step-by-step instructions detailing how to register to become an ADESA customer online, and at your local auction.

How to Register Online at ADESA.com

Step 1 | AuctionACCESS

AuctionACCESS is the dealer credentialing system used for the entire wholesale auction industry in North America. Before registering on ADESA.com, you must be an AuctionACCESS customer. New dealers will need to fill out an AuctionACCESS application to enroll.

After validation of your enrollment with AuctionACCESS, you will receive an AuctionACCESS ID number—allowing you to begin the process of becoming an ADESA customer.

Step 2 | ADESA.com

On the ADESA.com home page, click on the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button on the top right, and follow the steps required to create your account. You will be prompted to input your AuctionACCESS number, email address, and other basic identifiers.

Step 3 | Email

After your registration has been submitted, check your email—you will need to click on the registration confirmation link that was sent. Follow the prompts to enter your contact information and select your user login and password information. You can also select your default dealership and enter any relevant vehicle franchises that your business either owns or is legally associated with. Click on the ‘REGISTER’ button. You are now approved to use the site, and all of the auction and dealer tools that come with it—including DealerBlock, LiveBlock and much more. After all your information is reviewed and verified by ADESA personnel, you may receive another email requesting any missing or additional ADESA forms, depending on your state.

How to Register at an ADESA Auction Location

Step 1 | AuctionACCESS

Follow the same AuctionACCESS registration instructions detailed above. Or, instead of registering online, download and complete the following forms from the AuctionACCESS website:

  • Application
  • Dealership Credit Information
  • Individual Authorization Letter
  • Dealer Authorization/Removal Letter

When the documents have been completed, fax or email them to ADESA Customer Registration at (866) 620-2080 or DealerReg@adesa.com, or provide them to the dealer registration department at one of the ADESA auction locations you’d like to attend.

Step 2 | Forms

Before heading over to your local ADESA auction, visit the Dealer Registration Forms page of our website to download and complete the required documents for new dealers. In addition to the forms, make copies of the following documents:

  • Your state dealer license
  • Current dealer bond (if required by your state)
  • Current sales tax certificate
  • Copy of a voided company business check
  • Current salesperson license for each representative (if required by your state)

Step 3 | ADESA Auction

Depending on the state, select ADESA auction locations require additional forms to complete. When all documentation has been filled out, visit the auction you wish to attend and hand everything over at the Dealer Registration counter. Each representative will need their current driver’s license scanned into AuctionACCESS by an ADESA staff member.

Follow these instructions, and you’ll be bidding on vehicles at an ADESA auction in no time. If you experience trouble at any point during the dealer registration process, please contact ADESA Customer Connection at (888) 526-7326, and a trained member of our service team will help guide you through to completion.