From used car to salvage auctions, finance branches to corporate offices, the visibility of safety is important across our industry. In fact, when you visit an ADESA auction location, you can’t miss the employees’ favorite safety champion, Safe T. Sam.

Since ADESA is part of the KAR Auction Services group of companies, which includes IAA, AFC and numerous subsidiaries, Safe T. Sam reminders can be found across KAR’s more than 240 locations nationwide.

Of course there are signs and banners at each site to bring attention to the important subject of safety. There are also employees wearing safety vests and a safety scoreboard to mark the number of days without a safety incident. And Safe T. Sam shares a wide range of training videos, safety documents and more. This program has helped employees make a daily practice of being safe.

“The Safe T. Sam videos have brought safety to a new level with our employees. They have made them more aware of their responsibilities in creating a safe work environment,” says Angela Sims, general manager of ADESA Little Rock.

ADESA Colorado Springs General Manager Cindy Kuhn says that Safe T. Sam highlights important reminders to the workplace. “The most encouraging thing that the Safe T. Sam program has brought to ADESA Colorado Springs is the notion that safety is everyone’s job,” says Kuhn. “It is great to see an employee spreading salt or wiping up a spill because they want everyone, including our customers, to be safe.”

Safe T. Sam visits auctions, branches and offices whenever he can and encourages employees to gather for photo opps, hugs and high fives—and, of course—to always stay safe.