This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse, and was written by ADESA President John Hammer.

Overall 2018 vehicle auction volumes should exceed 2017 levels. That’s according to J.D. Power Used Car and Light Truck Guidelines Industry Update released this month.

As a result of these increased volumes, dealers need to stand out more than ever before. ADESA and our parent company, KAR, have readied a full-service remarketing delivery system that includes detailing, washing, glass repair, dent removal, key-replacement services, and a host of other upgrades, to optimize the experience of both our direct customers and end-users.

As a recent Auto Remarketing piece notes, ADESA now brings in half of its auction revenues from these value-added services – there’s a reason for that. These services aren’t simply generating revenue to ADESA, they are adding value for sellers in the lanes.

Here are three ways sellers can differentiate their cars from competition in the auction lanes.

 Clean Cars Stand Tall

Perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to make a car stand out in the auction lanes is to just clean it. Sounds simple but it’s effective. Dirt doesn’t hide flaws – it accentuates them. Grime, residue, and trash on or in the vehicle can bring the selling price down significantly and can result in low bids in the lanes. However, a wash or detail service can increase the value and bids significantly.

As a seller, you want the buyer to envision selling your car quickly. So, it should look ready to go from the auction lane straight to that buyer’s used car lot. If that buyer can visualize the vehicle already on his or her lot, the bids will come in.

Spring for Upgrades

Often, the vehicle may need more than a wash and detail service. Demand for ancillary remarketing services in the used-car market is growing rapidly. To meet this demand, wholesale marketers are increasingly providing on-site enhancement offerings such as reconditioning, dent and paint work, refueling, and more.

Spending the money to get those minor repairs before pushing that vehicle through the auction lanes will get you higher bids when it does go through those lanes.

Vehicles are graded on a scale from zero to five, five being in its best condition. Maybe you as a seller spend $300 on dent removal and bring a car that’s initially graded a 2.8 to a grade in the 3s.

By doing so, you now have more eyes on your car and more potential bids. Again, these are services already onsite at ADESA auctions and can be leveraged by a seller to avoid the cumbersome process of coordinating these repairs through external providers.

Know Your Value

The longer a vehicle remains on the seller’s books the more it’s costing them. Even before a vehicle goes through auction lanes, it may be on an online auction marketplace. Sellers who can cut down this time will enjoy a significant competitive edge. Knowing the value of the vehicle you are selling can help shorten the time.

Knowing where to price the vehicle comes from doing a bit of research. There are several vehicle market guides out there – including KAR business unit, Autoniq’s market report and profit guide. You’ll know if you priced your vehicle at the right price if it sells promptly. If it hasn’t sold in 45 to 60 days, then it’s very likely that it is not priced right.

Most vehicles do not get better with age. In fact, sellers who aren’t turning their inventory quickly may be losing money. Dealers have always looked for efficient remarketing solutions – and as market competition grows, the importance of driving a seamless customer experience will follow.

By offering a customized menu of upgrades that can be applied quickly, dealers can not only keep up with the evolving market, but stand out.